An overview of the most beautiful attractions here in Memaliaj.


An overview of the most beautiful attractions here in Memaliaj.

Attractions Guide

Enjoy your day with  a planned guide in the relaxing nature & see our attractions. Like: The Shore of Zhupe, The Tree of Love  , The Peak of the Mountain etc.


The white Rock

Located 5 km from the resort. This natural object stands out for its authentic appearance and precise division of its constituent parts. It is densely surrounded by vegetation and many naturalistic trees, in an area that was flooded by water centuries ago.

The waterfall of Kazan in Derrase

Located 5 km from the resort. The special feature of this waterfall is that it has two tiers. It descends from the source of the mountain and, after hitting a base, descends again to burst into the next base, creating two consecutive waterfalls. Below, in the lower tier, there is also an additional water source. The water is very cold and of high quality for drinking and enjoying. The environment where these waterfalls are located is in the midst of wild nature.

Lake Komari

Located 5 km from the resort. On both sides of the axis that leads to Vila Sofia Gllavë, there are several natural attractions, including this lake. Lake Komari was constructed during the time of socialism and maintains a high level of cleanliness. Initially used for irrigation purposes, it has now been transformed into a popular tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy beach activities and water sports.

The Gigove's Waterfall

Located 5 km from the resort. Along the axis that leads to Villa Sofia Gllavë, another interesting attraction is the Gigova’s Waterfall. Which originates from Selcka mountain and descends vertically for several meters, forming a natural pool of water at its base.

The communist bunkers

Located 2 km away from the resort. Concrete bunkers are a common sight in Albania, with an average of 5.7 bunkers per square kilometer (14.7 per square mile). These bunkers were constructed during the Stalinist and anti-revisionist era of Enver Hoxha, spanning from the 1960s to the 1980s. Under Hoxha’s regime, Albania was fortified with over 750,000 bunkers. From the end of World War II until his death in April 1985, Enver Hoxha pursued a political style influenced by Stalinism and elements of Maoism, characterized by a hard-line approach.

The Tree of Love and the peak of the Mountain

Located 3 km away from the resort. The top of Cuka in Glavë stands at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, providing a panoramic view of the southern region. From this peak, you can see landmarks such as the island of Sazan, the mountains of Shpirag, Tomorri, and Ostrovica (located in Maliq), as well as cities like Fier, Berat, Vlora, Tepelena, and more. Additionally, you will discover a tree adorned with carvings of hearts and stones bearing military codes left by Italian soldiers during the Second World War. The area is also abundant with wild sage, known for its health benefits, and an ancient religious artifact.

Tafil Buzi'S statue with the title Honor of the Nation

Located 5km away from the resort. Tafil Buzi (1792 – 1844) was a leader and Albanian warrior, known for his role in various rebellions against the government Ottomans in South Albania during the Albanian Revolts of 1833- 1839. During his activity he had relations with Ali Pashe Tepelene, Muhammad Ali of Egypt, Omer Pashe Vrionin Greek politicians who joined the opposition to the Ottoman Empire. About his continuing conspiracies he was captured and exiled in 1840 by the Ottoman government. In 1842 he was forgiven and became a leader in the service of the Ottoman government in Syria. He died there in 1844. The province of Buz is named after his last name

Mekam I Muharrem Shehaj

Located 1 km away from the resort. This old mekam, known as the mekam of Father Muharrem Shehaj, dates back to the 19th century. The walls of the mekam still bear undeciphered signs and symbols. Since the 1830s, Bektashi religious centers have been fundamental pillars supporting the national cause for independence, which was realized on November 28, 1912. Many Bektash clergymen (fathers) now rest in the cemetery, including witnesses such as Baba Abaz Memushi, Dervish Feim Mahmutaj, Dervish Bajram Lamaj, Dervish Bardho Bardhi, and others

The antennas of the National Radio and Television

Located 2.5 km away from the resort. One of the centers is situated on top of the resort and serves as the state broadcaster, not only for Albanian Radio and Television but also for other national televisions. The experimental center of Albanian Television began its operations on April 29, 1960. On its inaugural broadcasting day, the first cornerstone was a children’s film. Since 1993, RTSH has been broadcasting its radio and television programs via satellite as well.

The sports fields

Located 2.5 km from the resort. In the past, during the time when villages were populated in Albania, ball games were organized in this area. Today, it stands as a heritage site, but it can also serve as a venue for organizing games and physical activities amidst nature.

The shore of Zhupe (Varret e Bajshave)

Located 4.5 km from the resort. This place can be reached by a short hike, taking approximately 1 hour each way. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and the stunning view that awaits you at the destination.

Horse Riding

For beginners, horse riding is available in the natural surroundings near the villa’s territory. Each rider is accompanied by a guide. The rides are short, typically not exceeding 30 minutes of normal walking pace. Children can also participate in these tours, as long as they are supervised, as horse riding can be dangerous for young riders.

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