Resort- Vila Sofia

gllava village - est.2019

Mountain tourism in Albania has already become a consolidated reality.
The “universe” of the mountains of Albania is already a powerful magnet that attracts foreign tourists, as well as an extraordinary advertising tool.
During summer, the trails and peaks are very attractive for active walking.
During winter it is definitely the snow that attracts guests to the heights.
In this focus, in 2019 with the investment of the Barjami family it was built the mountain tourist resort Vila Sofia Gllave.
This villa is located in the heights of Tepelena, in the village of Gllave with a distance of 40km from the 2 UNESCO cities, Berat and Gjirokastra.

A shelter In the Middle of Nothing.

Within a radius of 15km from the location of the villa there are natural and historical values such as: Gigova and Derrasa waterfalls, the natural monument Shkembi i Bardhe (recently published in Homeland II), the lakes of Komar and Buz and the large spring of Gllava. At the end of these postcards you can climb to 1,300m altitude at the top of Cuka e Gllaves where you can see some of the treasures of Albania in the palm of your hand such as: Sazani, Tomorri, Vlora, Karaburuni, Gjirokastra and Berat.

Located at 900m altitude, the resort, in addition to the fresh air, offers typical village food as well like: the well-known meat and brandy, and the original fresh dairy.

The accommodation of the rooms is modern but still it offers the Olympic tranquility of the mountain.

The Amazing Nature.

Amidst this nature with rocks, stones, trees and abundant water , you can see signs left from the history of Albania, starting from the statue of Captain Tafil Buzi who led the anti-Ottoman uprisings in the 19th century, the son of this three in the Italo-Greek war, signs of which are found engraved and represented with objects on the top of Gllava. ​

And then the Gigova Bridge of the 16th century, with bunkers and tunnels with magnificent but “dumb” gates of the last communist decades, accompanied by cult objects of the 19th century. Around this resort there are few villages and a few thousand rural inhabitants.Wolves, foxes and rabbits are often found in the streets and forests, and somewhat less often bears and deer.

Where You can Find Us.